The portable Gonio-Vision-Box!

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The Gonio-Vision Box

The Gonio-Vision Box
is a portable device for visual evaluation. It is not only suitable for sampling individual colors, but also for visually comparing different batches and color matches.
The Gonio-Vision box is primarily used to evaluate effects with aluminum and interference pigments. It allows statements to be made about all angle-dependent color changes in pigments, paints, plastics, cosmetics, etc.
The Gonio-Vision box is an ultra-precise tool that allows the measuring geometries of virtually all the common color measuring instruments to be reproduced.
The Gonio-Vision Box allows comparisons with instrument-based measuring results to be carried out quickly, easily and without complications. The relevant geometry positions are clearly engraved on the Gonio-Vision Box's casing, making comparisons with corresponding positions on color measuring instruments child's play.

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The geometries

The portable Gonio-Vision Box includes various color measuring instruments from BYK-Gardner, Datacolor, X-Rite and so on as well as off-plane geometries from the X-Rite MA98 and the camera geometries of the BYK-mac.
This highlights the Gonio-Vision Box's versatility and tremendous scope. Through visual observation - combined with manual handling - the user gets a feel for properly using measuring geometries. The instrumental "counterparts" only provide numerical values for L*a*b* and reflections, which demand a great deal of knowledge on the part of the user to understand their relationships.
With the Gonio-Vision Box, users experience the geometries "live" and they can easily immerse themselves into these and find their way around without difficulty.
The comparison with the color measuring instruments also allows users to understand their geometries better. The relationships between the geometries become clearer and more understandable.
All in all, the Gonio-Vision Box is a powerful and practical tool for handling effects; the Gonio-Vision Box makes visual evaluation of individual samples or different batches child's play.

The complete set

is comprised of

  • a base unit with openings for the various plug-in parts,
  • a MAG Lite with white LED light equipped with two AA batteries,
  • a lamp holder for the MAG Lite or similar lamp,
  • an "eye" for visual observation,
  • 11 stoppers for closing up unused geometries / openings,
  • 5 sample sheets with interference pigments from Merck, Darmstadt,
  • as well as a stylish case for safe transport and storage.

A rotary disk can also be provided which makes using the device even easier.
The Gonio-Vision Box is CNC-machined to precision from a solid aluminum block. It is torsion-resistant and unaffected by normal mechanical stresses. The relatively low overall weight of around 2 kg and the small size of approx. 250 x 125 x 125 mm make the Gonio-Vision Box a perfect mobile device! It can be used for visual sampling in different locations without requiring extra effort.
No electrical connection - neither 110 V nor 230 V - is required for the Gonio-Vision Box. The MAG Lite included with delivery is equipped with an LED lamp powered by 2 AA batteries. The LED lamp requires very little energy, which means that visual sampling can be performed over a long period without needing to change the batteries. And when it is time to change the batteries, all you need are two generic AA batteries.

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